Our Services

Third Eye Advisors provides services that are tailored to your specific situation — whether you're trying to figure out the best way to pay off your personal/business debt, preparing for retirement or career change, or starting a new business.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer a wide range of strategies and services to help you accomplish your financial goals. All financial programs that we create share three common goals; protect and grow your existing assets, help you prepare for a confident and independent financial future and finally, help you make the impact you seek.

Audit and Accounting

Our audit and accounting services will provide a deeper analysis of your company as a whole. We plan, supervise, perform risk assessments, and internal audits for companies to ensure compliance with internal policies, applicable laws, and regulations.

At Third Eye Advisors, we design our audits to:

1) Ensure your organization's internal controls are effective and provide optimum results.
2) Mitigate Risk’s
3) Ensure adequate policies and procedures are in place to protect your company.

We also assist with preparing financial statements, which include: balance sheets, income, equity, and/or cash flow statements.

Financial Planning

Third Eye Approach to Financial Planning
If we’ve learned one thing from all the millennial entrepreneurs we’ve worked with, it’s that no two situations are the same. That’s why we partner with you to develop a customized plan that includes your short and long-term goals, objectives, circumstances, preferences, and complete financial picture while attending to the smallest details. It is a Third Eye priority to ensure all clients truly understand their finances and how it relates to their overall financial plan.

Our experts include attorneys, accountants, tax experts, and trust specialists who work in partnership with us as one team. We remain independent and objective which allows us to provide exceptional service. We coordinate with your existing advisors on an ongoing basis to ensure that your plan is carefully tracked, and your progress is clearly communicated throughout all stages.

The Third Eye Approach to Education

It starts with our team getting a full understanding of your financial situation, we then lead or participate in necessary discussions with key members. This includes everything from educating the next generation on investments, philanthropy and governance to help facilitate meetings and succession planning. Our team develops and administers educational sessions and materials as needed for each individual circumstance. Our proven process for ensuring that the wealth and investments of families and businesses continually reflect what matters most to you.

Investment Management

We are strictly fee-based and client-focused. We do not provide any internal products and we have no personal incentive to select one solution over another. Our investment programs are objective, flexible and aligned with your goals and values, with no preference for active versus passive investments or specific investment vehicles.

Our investment management group uncovers unique opportunities for you through a rigorous process by diligently selecting, analyzing, and monitoring various asset classes, including, stocks, bonds, real estate, and other alternative investments. Due to our relationships, we are able to provide our clients with access to unique investment opportunities. Our process is proven and disciplined, with a constant focus on the goals and outcomes that matter most to you.

Third Eye Advisors has selected TD Ameritrade Institutional as our preferred custodian. TD Ameritrade provides exceptional value to our clients, including powerful resources, asset security, and broad investment vehicles.

Retirement & Estate Planning

If one has never had to retire or learn how to manage their finances, how can you ensure you’re set up correctly for retirement? Our team is here to assist and make certain you have the right amount of income to live the lifestyle you desire. We can help you develop a retirement plan, open and/or rollover 401(k) and IRA plans, develop a recession strategy, business succession plan, and more.

At Third Eye Advisors, estate planning is much more than reviewing a will. A successful estate plan is shaped by goals and starts with reviewing your financial needs and assets. We want to guarantee the right financial decisions are made. The transfer of property at death outside of a lengthy probate process and conveying your wishes for health care are also handled by our team.

Business Planning

Small businesses are at a disadvantage compared to larger and more established counterparts. Small businesses face many challenges. But the biggest challenges entrepreneurs often encounter are related to finances.

As most entrepreneurs are raised in a household with minimal focus on money management, partnering with a trusted advisor that takes your financial goals seriously should be at the top of your priority list. Access to the right financial solutions is crucial in business growth. Not only are we here to assist with business challenges, but your personal ones as well.

As most entrepreneurs are raised in a household with minimal focus on money management, partnering with a trusted advisor that takes your financial goals seriously should be at the top of your priority list. Access to the right financial solutions is crucial in business growth. Not only are we here to assist with business challenges, but your personal ones as well.

On average, entrepreneurs last only two years before calling it quits and returning to the workforce. We are here to help you maintain a financially sound long-term business. Common challenges include:

● How do I manage my expenses while running a business?
● Should I work a part-time job while I put all of my money into my business?
● How will I come up with initial startup costs to fund the business? Should I borrow from a bank or give up equity to an investor?
● If my cash flow is low, how will I pay my employees or other business expenses?
● Do I have the knowledge necessary to manage the company’s finances on a day-to-day basis?
● Do I have consistent cash flow to cover unexpected expenses?

Personal Finance

You work hard, but are you also working smart? Financial freedom isn’t obtained simply by making money, but by efficiently managing the money you have.

Personal Challenges When you were a child, your parents probably did not talk to you about money; neither did schools teach students about money. However, you’re faced with the difficulty of making these financial decisions by yourself. Common challenges include:

● How much should I have in emergency savings?
● How do I pay off my debt?
● Should I buy or lease my next car?
● Should I invest before paying off my debt?
● How much of my salary should I contribute to my 401k or other retirement account? Am I saving enough?
● How can I lower my taxes?
● What is the right mix of investments for me?

Family Matters

Preparing for your family’s financial needs as an entrepreneur are sometimes complicated and/or overwhelming. We want to ensure all of our client’s feel confident enough to take care of their family ties.
Every family has different financial challenges. We can help manage it all, from raising your children, caring for elderly parents, leaving a legacy for your loved ones, and ultimately, creating generational wealth. Common challenges include:

● How do I manage all my challenging financial priorities — raising children, paying bills, helping relatives and aging parents — and my business needs?
● How much should I save for my child’s college?
● Should I leave my money to my children equally or leave more to the most responsible one?