Arthur Robertson, Founder and CEO of Third Eye Advisor, grew up in Queens with his cousin, Anthony Mason, who spent the greater part of his life playing for the NY Knicks. It was from his conversations with Anthony that Arthur came to realize folks who gain wealth are overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage, maintain and ultimately grow their money over generations. 

Oftentimes, people think of what their money can afford them in the present, rather than preparing for the unforeseen future. To meet this need, Arthur created Third Eye to educate and advise people on how to manage their finances and use it as a tool for a successful future. 

Third Eye Advisor reflects our belief that impeccable wealthy management requires conscious awareness and an intuitive approach. Our quality clients deserve quality services. We work with you one-on-one to help you harness a crystal clear understanding of your finances. We are convinced that informed financial planning is the key to unlocking financial prosperity for you, your family and generations to come.


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