How I Started A $10K/Month Financial Planning And Investment Management Company

My name is Arthur Robertson and you can call me the Investment Educator. I currently run an investment advisory firm, a food truck – Renegade Vegan, founded two non-profits – one focused on financial literacy for the youth and another on real estate while also being a Real Estate Investor.

Third Eye Advisors (TEA) is the boutique Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing customized financial planning and investment solutions to millennial business owners who run startup tech and cannabis companies. Our main focus is to assist clients with financial planning and investment management.

Growing up in Far Rockaway, NY, I wasn’t taught about the importance of budgeting, investing, and leveraging money when operating a business and managing your personal finances. This is one of the reasons I started TEA to ensure millennials, Gen X, etc. are aware of the importance of financial literacy.

Although I initially started the firm to work with professional athletes to improve their financial habits, I quickly realized the tech and cannabis industries were in dire need of prudent financial advice and services, therefore; I decided to switch our target market to millennial business owners.

The start-up costs were approximately $10,000 – $15,000, however; within three months, I was able to recoup those costs from serving clients. READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE

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