Firm History

Third Eye Advisors, established in 2019, is a Brooklyn-based boutique Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), providing customized financial planning and investment solutions to millennial business owners who run startup cannabis and technology companies.

Profile Pic Third Eye Advisors was founded by Arthur Robertson, who was born and raised in Far Rockaway, NY, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. He attended Post University on a full athletic basketball scholarship, where he majored in Accounting.

Arthur started his professional career at Deloitte & Touche LLP, performing financial statement audits for public financial institutions. He then held internal audit management roles at UBS and BBVA. Arthur made a career change in 2017 to join Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management Group, where he focused on all aspects of retirement planning, investment management, and other forms of financial planning for High Net Worth Individuals.

It was during his time at Morgan Stanley, where Arthur felt he could provide customized investment advice that was in the client’s best interest and not the firms. As such, Third Eye Advisors was created.


We do so much more than manage money

We do so much more than manage money

Many different entities make up your financial picture. Investment Advisors manage money, Accountants prepare financial statements, Estate Attorneys create Wills, and real Real Estate Agents advise on Real Estate. At Third Eye Advisors, we believe each one of these areas impacts another. The art of coordinating these moving parts so that they complement your financial picture is what we consider our greatest strength.

We are different

Investments create taxes, assets lead to estate plans, real estate influences, and technology is changing the world we live in. The question we ask is, shouldn’t all aspects of someone’s financial health be considered?

We understand our clients

You are unique so your investments and financial plan should reflect that. Third Eye Advisors partners with you to ensure your wealth achieves what matters most to you — now and in the future.

This is what we do

Our values and methodology are what sets us apart from other Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). We focus on understanding your goals and deepest values to help you achieve what matters most to you and in your best interest.

Establish The Goal

Gather data

Analyze Data

Develop a plan

Implement The Plan

Monitor the plan